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School Sports

Students learn teamwork and sportsmanship.  

Sportsmanship, the art of competing strongly but fairly, is taught in the sports arena. Our students learn about competition and teamwork, discipline and initiative, and how to win and lose graciously.

At GhpSchool, sport keeps our students physically fit. Sport is character-building and through it our students learn that they can achieve much more when they work alongside others, sharing in a common goal. Students are expected to play both a winter and a summer sport, but even beyond that most senior students continue to participate actively. All teams are coached or managed by a member of staff.

While many teams have enjoyed considerable success at both regional and national level in recent years and many of our teams are aiming for the very highest honors, we value the participation of all students will always find a team which suits their abilities.

A competitive inter-Houeaase sporting competition provides many further opportunities for students.

Each year the school organizes Tarlok singh Memorial  inter school cricket tournament in the memory of our late founder.

At Ghp, we believe in introducing students to a wide range of activities outside the classroom. We support numerous extra-curricular clubs and societies and, by doing so, provide our students with the opportunity to test their talents and broaden their horizons. In many instances, it is through these extra-curricular activities that lifetime friendships are formed.

We offer the following sporting activities at King’s:





Cross Country


Football (Soccer)