About Us

Music and Arts

Ghp broadens horizons through music and the arts.

Our programme of music and the arts is designed to inspire our students to broaden their listening and artistic horizons. By understanding more about music and the arts our students are better able to derive greater pleasure from them. Our school is steeped in a rich tradition in music, drama, oratory and debate. In music, the College encourages participation in its School Choirs, Chamber Orchestra, School Orchestra and Concert , sporting events and functions. The House Music Competition is a highlight of our annual programame and, throughout the year, instrumental competitions attract much parental and student support. Students can attend a variety of music concerts throughout the year. Drama productions also feature as calendar highlights. Every year, we present major  Drama Club productions for senior and junior drama. Students learn speech and drama and, for debating enthusiasts, Ghp operates full inter-school and inter-House debating and public speaking programmes. We encourage a wide variety of artistic expression. The ability to think creatively and laterally is a key success factor in today’s competitive environment. Whether it be Robotics, Design, Photography, Fine Arts, Graphics or Media Studies which interest our students, we provide courses of study that enable them to build careers out of their artistic pursuits. Some of the cultural pursuits available at the school: Chess Club Chamber Music We want to enrich, challenge and inspire our students.